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Southern States Wrestling has been in operation since Feb. 1991 and has always strived to feature the top stars in the Mountain Empire, The Legends Of The Ring and The Most promising young talent we can find.

Where else can you find in one promotion Legends like Jimmy Valiant, Ivan Koloff, Rock N Roll Express, The Wrights, Wahoo McDaniel and more. Not To mention the SuperStars who used SSW to learn their craft before going on to WWE,WCW,ECW, or TNA like EZ Money, Kid Kash, Andy Douglas, Chase Stevens, Christian Cage and Edge.

And lets not forget about the stars of The Mountain Empire Beau James, Misty James, Tony Givens, Bryan Wayne, Robbie Cassidy, Wayne Adkins, Keith Knox, Chase Ownes, The Iron Cross, Jamey Gibson, Rebecca Lynn, Nick Hammonds, Chris Richards, Eddie Golden, Stan Lee, Jeff Tankersley, and the list goes on and on.

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Southern States Wrestling
Legends Night 2010
June 26 - Kingsport TN

*Jamey Gibson and Scott Roberts vs. Mike Cooper and Shane Royal
*David Lynch vs. Bobo Brown
*SSW Ladies Title Misty James vs. Jessie Belle
*Beau James vs. Eddie Golden w/ Jeff Tankersley
*Tracy Smothers and Carl Styles vs. Shanghi Pierce and Steven Stiffler
*2010 Hall of Fame
*Iron Cross and Bulldog Mac vs. Bryan Wayne and Wrecker Rollins
*SSW Title Lumberjack Match Ray Idol vs. Frank Parker w/ James McHone
Lumberjacks are Don Wright, Joey Cazana, Mac McMurray, Jimmy Valiant,and Ken Bowles

Southern States Wrestling
WrestleFest 2010
July 25 Kingsport TN

*Mike Cooper vs. Bobo Brown
*Ricky Morton and Reid Flair vs. Frank Parker and Shanghi Pierce w/ James McHone
*Bulldog Mac vs. Earl Fileds
*TV Title Bryan Wayne vs. Wrecker Rollins w/ James McHone
*SSW Champion Ray Idol has words form Frank Parker
*SSW Ladies Title Misty James vs. Violet Adams
*Mac and Iron Cross vs. Fields and Joecephus
*Dutch Mantell and Beau James vs. Eddie Golden and Jeff Tankersley
plus music video and Locker room interviews

Southern States Wrestling
Fall Spectacular
September 18 Kingsport TN

*Bobo Brown and Scott Ray vs. Mike Cooper and Mountain Goat Jack
*Wrecker Rollins vs. Jocephus
*Jamie McHone vs. Misty James
*Earl Fields and Scotty Rocker vs. Iron Cross and his Mystery Man
*Jeff Tankersley, Eddie and Jimmy Golden vs. Jerry Lawler, Ducth Mantell, and Beau James
*Frank The Tank Parker w/ James McHone vs. Ray Idol w/ Jimmy Valiant
plus interviews and 2 music videos

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Legends of Kingsport from SSW
*Ron Wright vs. Whitey Caldwell 1966
*Don Wright,Tony Peters, and Wayne Rogers w/ Ron Wright
Rick Connors, Hoot Gibson, and Skyfire (ECW's EZ Money)
*Peterts and Wright vs. George Hyatt & John Manson
*Don Wright & Wayne Rogers w/ Tony Peters vs. Jimmy Valiant & Ricky Harrison w/ Jim White
*Don Wright & Wayne Rogers vs. Indian Harry and Hoot Gibson

SSW presents Superstars and Legends Vol. 1
*First SSW Music Video
*Don Wright and Wayne Rogers vs. Mike Fair and Skyfire (ECW's EZ Money)
*Ivan Koloff and Big Al Bass feud with The Equalizer
*Jimmy "Boogie Woogie Man" Valiant vs. The Wild Samoan w/ L.E. Ward
*Wahoo McDaniel vs. Killer Kyle
*Jimmy "Boogie Woogie Man" Valiant vs. Stan "Pretty Boy" Lee w/ Godfather

SSW Super Stars and Legends Vol. 2
*Profile on Mongolian Stomper
*Stomper vs. Wayne Rogers w/ Al Bass
*Jimmy Golden vs. Wayne Rogers w/ Al Bass
*special interview The Fantastics
*The Fantastics vs. The Goldens w/ The Godfather
*Rock n Roll Express music video
*Ricky Morton vs. Beau James /PJ Sharp

SSW Super Stars and Legends Vol. 3
*Ricky Morton & Bobby Blaze vs. Beau James & Warmachine
*Debbie Combs vs. Malia Hosaka
*Tracy Smothers vs. Beau James
*Christian Cage vs. Beau James
*Steve Flynn vs. Sexton Hardcastle (WWE's Edge)
*"Conan" Chris Walker vs. Scotty McKeever
*Plus A Music Video

A Night To Remember 2003
*Stud's Stable Robert Fuller and Jimmy Golden vs. The 1st Family Beau James & KC Thunder
*Sherri Martell & Jeff Tankersley vs. Brandi Alexander & Scott Sterling
*2003 Hall of Fame
*Mike Cooper, Bryan Wayne, Sean Spencer vs. Bryan Wayne, Brian Overbay,Ray Idol
*The Batten Twins vs. The Bombers
*Jimmy Valiant w/ Jim White vs. The Assassin w/ Big Daddy
*Thorn vs. Bart Batten

Best of Sherri Martell in SSW
-Sherri vs. Brandi Alexander
-Jeff Tankersley w/ Sherri vs. Eddie Golden
-Sherri and Jeff Tankersley vs. Brandi and Beau James
-Sherri and Jeff vs. Scott Sterling and Brandi
-plus many interviews and a wild bloody brawl

SSW 14th Anniversary
-14 Man Best of SSW Battle Royal
-Dr. Tom Prichard vs. Ricky Morton
-SSW Title:Beau James vs. Danny Ray
-Scotty McKeever vs. "Dynamite" Dan Richards
-Steve Flynn and Tracy Smothers vs. Wayne Atkins and Nick Hammonds
-Super D, Mike Cooper, Josh Cody vs. Givens, Cassidy, and Ray Idol
-Bobby Eaton and Scotty McKeever vs. Brad Thomas and Flex Armstrong

SSW Thanksgiving Night Spectacular 2006

-Brad Thomas vs. Wayne Adkins for US JR Title
-Josh Crawford vs. Tommy Gibson
-The DRillers vs. Nick Hammonds and Moe Jenkins for AWA KY Titles
-Beau James,KC Thunder, and Tony GIvens vs. Thorn,Adam York and Ryan Dookie
with Ray Idol as Special Ref
-Chris Richards vs. Mike Cooper and AWA KY Champion John Noble
-NWA Legends Bunkhouse Match "Rock n Roll" Ricky Morton vs. "Beautiful' Bobby Eaton
-Beau James weds Misty Michelle Walton in the Ring
Marty Ricker does play by play with a few suprises

SSW Thanksgiving Night Spectacular 2007

*Thorn vs. Adam York
*Alyx Winters vs. Mike Cooper
*The Desciple vs. Ray Idol
*Misty and Beau James vs. Jamey Gibson and Rebecca Lynn
*Tracy Smothers vs. Robbie Cassidy
*Moe Jenkins and Tony Givens vs. Wayne Daniels and Nick Hammonds w/ Barbie for SSW Titles
*Beau James and Wayne Adkins vs. Chris Richards and Bryan Wayne loser gets tarred and feathered

SSW 17th Anniversary Feb. 08
*Mike Cooper & Jeff Storm vs. The Death Riders
*KC Thunder and Wayen Adkins vs. The Goldens w/ Stan Lee
*Wayne Daniels vs. Nick Hammonds
*Beau James,Misty James, mini Bad Boy Buck vs. Jamey Gibson, Rebecca Lynn, mini Hillbilly Pete
*Eric Darkstorm vs. Tracy Smothers
*Beau James and Tony Givens vs. Chris Richards and The Disciple CAGE MATCH

SSW A Night To Remember May 2008
*AWA World Title Brian Logan vs. King of Kingsport Beau James
*Jeff Anderson vs. Wayne Adkins
*Loser Leave Kingsport Misty James vs. Rebecca Lynn
*U.S. Tag Titles Moe Jenkins and Nick Hammonds vs. Jeff Storm and Jamey Gibson
*2008 Hall of Fame
*Legends Match Jimmy Golden vs. Davey Rich
*Cody Ices & Chris Richards vs. Iron Cross & Ricky Harrsion
*Mike Cooper vs. Matt Burns
*TV Title Wayne Adkins vs. KC Thunder w/ Dawn

SSW Fall Spectacular Oct. 2008
*Iron Cross and Ray Idol vs. The Germans
*G1 (Cassidy, Hammonds,& Jenkins) vs. Mike Cooper, BoBo Brown, & Kole Layton King
*Misty James vs. Kassie Raines
*Cody Ices vs. Ryan Dookie
*Ceremony honoring Beau James
*SSW Title Wayne Adkins vs. KC Thunder
*TV Title Nick Hammonds vs. Chase Ownes
*Beau James & Tony Givens vs. AWA Champ Brian Logan & KC Thunder

SSW Thanksgiving Night 2008
*Grudge of The Year Tony Givens vs. Beau James
*AWA Champion Brian Logan vs. Iron Cross
*SSW Title Wayne Adkins © vs. KC Thunder
*TV Title Nick Hammonds © vs. Chris Richards w/ John Hawkins
*Men vs. Women Ryan Dookie & Kole Layton King vs. Misty James & Rebecca Lynn
*Taped Fist Boxing Moe Jenkins vs. Bobo Brown
*Mike Cooper vs. Ray Idol
*Cody Ices vs. Chase Owens w/ Ashlee

SSW Christmas Night Star Wars 2008
*Ray Idol and Cody Ices vs. Scott Roberts and Sgt Long
*Moe Jenkins vs. Bobo Brown
*Ricky Morton vs. Beau James
*Iron Cross vs. AWA Champion Brian Logan
*Nick Hammonds vs. Chase Owens
*Grudge Match Misty James & Rebecca Lynn w/ Jimmy Valiant vs. Jamey Gibson & Kole L. King
*Beau James, Brian Logan, Chase Owens w/ Wade Adams vs. Tony Givens, Wayne Adkins & Moe Jenkins
No Commentary

SSW 1-9-09 Winter Rumble
*Mike Cooper vs. Bobo Brown
*Keith Knox vs. Dustin Steel
*Gypsy Joe w/ Misty James vs. Jamey Gisbson w/Kol Layton King
*National Title Robbie Cassidy vs. Jason Kincaid
*Tony Givens vs. Chase Owens w/Ashlee Hope
*Ricky Morton,Wayne Adkins vs. Beau James and Brian Logan
* Kingsport Rumble
No Commentary

SSW 1-30-09 Lil KTown ShowDown
*Mike Cooper vs. Bobo Brown
*Nick Hammonds vs. Jason Kincaid
*Robbie Cassidy vs. Nick Paradise
*Misty James vs. Rebecca Lynn vs. Kassie Rains
*Ray Idol vs. Ryan Dookie
*Cody Ices vs. Jamey Gibson
*Tony Givens vs.Chase Owens
*Ricky Morton, Wayne Adkins, and Keith Knox vs. Beau James, Brian Logan and Kole Layton King
No Commentary

SSW 3-28-09 March Madness
*Mike Cooper and Rick vs. Jamey Gibson and Kole Layton King
*Cody Ices vs. Sheik Akbar
*Misty James and Rebecca Lynn vs. Kassie Rains and Crystal Fire not full Match
*Moe Jenkins vs. Eric Darkstorm
*Ray Idol and Wayne Adkins vs. KMF Inc.
*Robbie Cassidy vs. Tracy Smothers
*Coward Waves the Flag Tony Givens vs. Beau James
No Commentary


Southern States Wrestling

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